Top 6 Reasons to Sell to a Local Cash Home Buyer

Need to Sell to a Local Cash Home Buyer in Nashville?

So you’ve heard about all the cash home buyers, buy maybe you’re not sure if that’s the right move for you.. Now first, selling to a cash home buyer isn’t right for everyone. But lucky for you, I’m about to go over the top 6 reasons selling your house to a local Nashville home buyer may be the right option for you. I’ll also give you one bonus tip on how to successfully deal with a local home buyer.

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So, the first reason you may benefit from selling to a local home buyer is simple- a fast property sale. While not all property sales need a fast turn-around time, if you do NEED a fast sale- professional home buyers can definitely get that done in order to meet your needs. It’s not uncommon to go from making a phone call to literally having cash in your pocket in under a week.

Reason #2 is- no fees! Most professional home buyers will cover all closing costs and not charge any fees to come look at your property and make you an offer. Essentially, you get a free opinion and offer on your house- with zero strings attached. It’s all about having options. Often you can get a tentative offer on the spot, right over the phone, with a finalized offer when they come to look at the home. You can then make your final decision to go forward or not. All at no cost to you.

Reason #3- no contingencies! Let’s say you’re doing a traditional home sale, with an agent, to a typical retail buyer. You’ve shown the house what feels like a hundred times, and you finally accept an offer that you’re satisfied with. When you look at the fine print, you’ll notice a number of very common contingencies. A-financing. If at any point your traditional buyer can’t get the bank financing they were promised, they can walk away Scott-free, while you’re left holding the bag for all that lost time. B- Inspection contingency. Once a professional inspector goes through, picks apart all the tiny imperfections, many home buyers get cold feet, and are now able to walk away simply because of, for example, an electrical outlet cover was missing from the closet under the stairs. The third major contingency is the appraisal. So you’ve received an offer and accepted. You’re happy with the offer, the buyer is happy with the offer, the bank is happy to lend the buyer money. And THEN the appraisal finally comes in below the price everyone was happy with. That can blow the deal apart- right then and there. A reputable home buyer, like We Buy Houses Nashville TN, will make you an offer that’s free of contingencies, GUARANTEEING there are no last-minute surprises that you, as the seller, ends up bearing the brunt of.

Reason #4 why selling your house to a cash home buyer may be right for you- no cleanup and no repairs needed. So how significant is no-cleanup & no repairs? If you’ve been living in the house, consistently making improvements & doing maintenance as you go along, it may not be an issue at all. However, if you’ve lived in the home a long time, or maybe you’ve inherited a property and are selling a house in probate, even with maintenance along the way, significant updating may be needed. A retail buyer that wants to live there & make that house their home, usually expects appliances, carpet, paint to be all new- or very close to it. So your stove installed in the year 2005, and popcorn ceiling, may still look ok and work great- but that new family sees it as dated and can easily be turned off. Those kinds of things may be something small to you, but today’s picky retail buyers can be easily put off by the smallest imperfections. Of course, doing major renovation projects before you sell can definitely make it a lot easier to sell, but financially you can easily end up spending more money than what you get back on an increased sales price.

Reason #5- you’re dealing directly with the buyer– NOT someone that’s going to list your home. With a real estate agent, you’re simply listing your home, and hoping they can drive enough foot traffic to your house, and drum up enough interest, so you can get an acceptable offer. With a cash home buyer, like We Buy Houses Nashville TN, you get to skip that process all together. You’re ALREADY dealing with buyer, right then and there, who can make you an offer with zero contingencies.

Reason #6 why selling your house to a local cash buyer may be right for you- you can get a fair price for your property, quickly, (in it’s current, as-is condition). So, how does the math work? First, the cost and time needed to either clean out or make repairs on the property to get it in shape for sale on the retail market. Then, with a traditional sale, you also need to factor in the 6% commissions for real estate agents. As the seller, you’ll be responsible for paying both your agent and the buyer’s. Then you have your closing costs as well- roughly 2%. Often overlooked is the holding costs- the mortgage and other payments you’ll have to pay while waiting for the property to sell, taking an average of about 90 days in today’s markets- if it sells at all. Many homes sit on the market for a year or more- never sell- then the seller just gives up and takes it off. These houses removed from the market because they couldn’t sell, aren’t even used in days on the market calculations. If they were, obviously it would be much more than 90 days. A trustworthy local home buyers won’t charge you any fees, there are zero commissions since they’re buying directly from you, pay all the closing costs, won’t ask you to make repairs, and close quickly so your holding costs are kept under control. So, ultimately, after you do that math, it can often come out better for you to sell to a reputable local home buyer, like We Buy Houses Nashville TN. Not to mention, simply how much easier your local home buyer can make the process for you.

Finally, if you’ve been waiting for the one tip for dealing with a local cash buying company, here it is: it doesn’t cost you anything to check them out. Most home buyers charge you nothing to get a quote from them, just like they charge you nothing if you actually sell to them. So, as long as you’re open with them about the situation and condition of the home, we can let you know very quickly if we can help. If you give us a call, we can often give you a ball-park figure over the phone with a firm offer when we come see the property, within 24 hours. At We Buy Houses Nashville TN, we work around your timeline, because WE ARE COMMITTED to finding YOUR best property solution. So, if any of those reasons are making you consider contacting a local Nashville home buyer, give us a call, 24hrs, at 615-647-9747.

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