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"You'll think it's too good to be true....but it works! It's the perfect solution for selling a house if you don't have the desire to fix it up yourself and then try to sell. Within a few weeks (or less) you'll have your money and no headaches. The honesty and professionalism of these folks is refreshing, and comforting. It costs nothing to just give it a try, and I can tell you that they will give you a fair price for your home. That's how they do business. And for that reason I believe they will be around for a long time!"
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We Want to Buy Your House
Well if you’ve scrolled down to the bottom of this page you clearly want to know more about us! I hope you read the BBB Reviews and watched the customer testimonials above. 

Let me introduce myself, I’m Bill, owner of Blackjack Real Estate. If you’ve landed on this page you somehow found out about us and I’m certainly glad you did. 

Today I’m going to share with you what our company thinks is important to you based on the hundreds of people we've been able to serve.  

There are 3 house selling secrets we want you to know: 

Secret #1: 
You don’t have to use an agent to sell your house. 

There is only one situation where using an agent is required. When your #1 goal is to get the highest price. That’s it, no other reason. Agents use a tool called the Multiple Listing Service to advertise your property for sale. If the house in pristine condition, you usually get the highest price using a real estate agent. 

But what if your house needs a lot of work, or you need to sell your hast fast in order to get the money sooner? In this case, having an investor like us is beneficial. We’ll buy almost every house. Sure, there are some rare exceptions, but we truly are the happiest when we are helping people get rid of a house quickly and with zero stress. Which leads me to Secret #2.

Secret #2: Selling Your House Should be Stress Free

If you watched any of our testimonials you would hear the common theme of how easy it is to sell your home to us. Those Better Business Bureau ratings certainly wouldn’t be as high if it was difficult. 

Selling should be easy! And if you need to sell your house fast you should call us. We have purchased homes from people that were relocating, downsizing, inherited a house, in foreclosure, wanted to move to an apartment instead of own a house, or for any other hundreds of reason. Every story is different. Are you ready to share yours story to see if we’re a good fit for you? 

Secret #3 - Why Some Investors Are “Shady”

A lot of people think real estate investors are shady, and for good reason, some are! That’s why you have to research the people who say they want to buy your home for cash, or in “as-is” condition. When we buy houses, we have every intention of buying them. In fact, once we pass the inspection phase of our house buying program, we close on over 99% of the houses we put under contract. 

Make sure the people you meet with have reviews on Facebook, Google, or preferably the Better Business Bureau. What are people saying about them? If you can’t find any research on people that call you, then you shouldn’t let them come to your house, they aren't legit!

Have I answered enough of your questions to give us a chance? I hope so. But if not, make sure you call (615) 235-0391 to chat. Or...go ahead and click the red button to the right to get started. 

Why Sell to Us?
We Close on over 99% of the homes we agree to purchase
  •  Guaranteed closing date that YOU get to choose
  •  Buying Another House? We'll buy your house and let you take your time finding your next one. 
  • Relocating? Make it easy and sell your house to us. It's a very simple process. In fact, if your company is relocating they may pay you a bonus for selling it yourself 
  •  Life Situation: We purchase homes in various stages of life situations. Divorce, probate, medical issues, etc. 
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